'Freddy Vs Jason' Starlet Joins 'Hannibal' Television Series

We love to see Friday The 13th alumni stay busy and especially when they get major gigs on the television networks. So it is great to find out this morning that Katherine Isabelle (Gib, Freddy vs Jason) has been cast for a nice story arc for Season 2 of  NBC hit show Hannibal.

TV Line got the exclusive that Isabelle will play "Margot", who has suffered years of abuse by her serial-killer brother who is her twin. Margot has become a patient of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and looks to be a potential love interest for main character Will Graham.

The seductive actress will join the show during its eighth episode and stay on for about four weeks. Are you excited to see Katherine on a major network show? She should be a great addition to an already great cast and show!