Buy Limited 'G.I. Jason' Print From Artist Jason Edmiston's Collection Today

Artist Jason Edmiston has been creating genre designs of our favorite Horror and Science Fiction characters for years now and his creations have graced the shirts of Fright-Rags and posters produced by Mondo. Almost two years ago, Fright-Rags unleashed the 'G.I. Jason" T-shirt for which the old G.I. Joe action figure card backs were parodied with Jason Voorhees. Fans who purchased the shirts even received replica card backs with the different versions of Jason Voorhees to collect. Pretty cool stuff if you're a fan.

Well, now our readers can purchase a limited edition print of this infamous illustration from Jason Edmiston for $35. Visit his Big Cartel page today to get Jason Voorhees striking an 80's military pose!

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