We Partnered With Original Friday The 13th Camp For Discounted Souvenirs

In the continued tradition of Friday The 13th giving, we have partnered up with Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (filming location of the original camp used in Friday The 13th 1980) to offer our readers a nice little discount to purchase original items used during the filming of Friday The 13th 1980 and other nice mementos..

For those fans the do not know, the New Jersey Boy Scouts Of America own the camp located in Hardwick Township, New Jersey and started selling items from the camp to help finance maintenance and repairs to keep the camp operational. To do so, they embraced the Friday The 13th fans and started selling Friday The 13th themed items from camp and actual pieces of the dock used in the film.

If you're looking for a Christmas gift and want to try something a little different, make sure to visit http://www.nobebosco.org/tour/shop and enter the promo code "fridaythe13thfranchise" for 10% off of your order!