Fright-Rags Teases Latest Friday The 13th/Jason Voorhees Offering

Fright-Rags has spoiled Friday The 13th fans the last couple of years with their excellent T-shirt designs depicting either famous scenes from the film franchise or integrating Jason Voorhees into special homages to pop culture illustrations. With the next Friday The 13th date happening this Friday, the popular Horror shirt company has teased a special look at their next design.

Below is a teaser look at Fright-Rags' new Jason Voorhees design, but for what apparel will it be used for? According to what we have read, this may not be for a new shirt design, but something entirely different. Could Jason be making his way onto one of those infamous ugly Christmas sweaters? Only time will tell, but this is a pretty awesome look for the iconic slasher and we cannot wait to see the entire design and find out how Fright-Rags is planning on releasing it.

Keep an eye for more on this new Horror offering in the next couple of days.

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