Fright-Rags Reveals 'Crystal Lake Christmassacre'

Yesterday we wrote a story about Fright-Rags teasing a new Jason Voorhees design for an upcoming new release for the horror icon and it seems as though the image teased was a bit of misdirection. That's not a problem as they have revealed their newest Friday The 13th offering for fans and it is a very clever and timely release.

If you have ever dreaded wearing one of the those awful knitted sweaters for the Christmas holiday, well now you have an interesting alternative! Fright-Rags just revealed on their Instagram account that they will be selling a new Christmas themed shirt and sweatshirt design titled Crystal Lake Christmassacre. There's a little bit of 8-bit inspiration in the design, and never fear as there are all of the classic franchise elements to make you happy.


What do you think? Would you wear this to your office or family Christmas party?

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