Current Status Of The Friday The 13th (2015) Production

Let's be honest, our readers were pretty bummed when there was no updated news about Friday The 13th (2015) this past December 13th. It seemed like a perfect time for Platinum Dunes or Paramount to announce any little bit of information about production of the film. However, it didn't happen, and there is good reason for sure as Platinum Dunes is prepping to release their Sci-Fi found footage flick Welcome To Yesterday (Just recently re-titled from Almanac) this February as well as put the finishing touches on their version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So where does that leave Friday The 13th in terms of the where Paramount is in production? Right now, we know that there is no finished script, no Director under contract, or even a cast announced yet. What we do have is a release date of Friday March 13, 2015 and what looks like a push to get a new film made. The found footage approach for this film is still sinking in with me to this day and I am a little worried about what this means for the franchise. With that being said, Paramount is looking to make the newest film at a ridiculously low cost, perhaps even as low as the films from the early 1980's, which averaged around $1 Million in budget. Knowing that, I can see why Paramount is seriously eyeing found footage as it has had a ton of success with that financial model with the Paranormal Activity franchise.

I have been following and writing about the franchise on the World Wide Web for over 15 years and have never witnessed the amount of negative responses from the fans to Paramount's plan for the new film. Yes, this even supersedes the hate thrown at Platinum Dunes for their 2009 film, which was dubbed a remake a full year or more before that film even went into production. We all hope Paramount has someone reading the online responses to know how fans feel, but that probably will not dissuade them from making the film they want to make.

What's interesting is Paramount and Platinum Dunes have not really said anything officially outside of setting a release date. Could Paramount be second guessing their idea of found footage? Perhaps, but we know that sometime in the beginning months of 2014, a script will be settled upon and a flurry of announcements will be forthcoming. Platinum Dunes will have more time to focus on Friday The 13th once again after the new year begins as production would have to start by Spring 2014 in order to have a realistic shot of the new film opening in March of 2015.
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