Behold The Friday The 13th Hockey Mask Video Game Controller

Fans of video game consoles have always wanted to customize the shells of those consoles to have their personality show through when gaming. In fact, people have been known to travel with their customized consoles to use as a sign of winning tournaments. It's like a badge of honor to many. Outside of the consoles themselves, there have been many gamers that customize their controllers, not only for performance, but for visual appearance as well. That is what one ambitious gamer has done and it's an ode to Jason Voorhees himself!

User valentino42 at decided to give a step by step tutorial on creating his ultimate PS4 hockey mask controller and it looks awesome! Below are just a few of the photos of the controller that were taken. What do you think of this project? Could you dominate your competition by intimidation at the sight of the hockey mask controller?