RIP Workshop Offers Stunning Concept Jason Voorhees Figure And Diorama

This past Summer we found out about the custom figure outfit called RIP Workshop, where one of a kind Horror figures are created from scratch with a special twist. RIP created a really cool Jason Voorhees custom figure called Outbreak Jason for which Jason was truly a zombie himself, running amok on Earth. With that great figure in mind, the guys behind RIP Workshop went ahead and created another Jason custom figure for which they debuted a few weeks ago.

The new custom Jason figure is another fresh take on Jason whereas he is once again wearing the coveralls from Friday The 13th Part 2, but this time with a jacket and classic hockey mask. The figure itself is very detailed with a gaping wound on the left jaw and cheek, but the really cool accessory to this custom figure is the diorama display created for it.

The classic Camp Crystal Lake sign is included, hanging by one chain, as well as a broken canoe used to house Mrs. Voorhees' head! The bit with the canoe is unique and pretty creative. Check out the photos below and make sure to check out the RIP Workshop Facebook page for more Jason Voorhees and other Horror icons custom 1/6 scale figures.