Games: Friday The 13th: Blood And Water

You're trapped at Camp Crystal Lake and your only chance for survival is finding items that help unlock entrances into rooms and buildings that will aid you in avoiding infamous killer Jason Voorhees. The closer he gets to you the more fear grows inside of you. Can you survive the night at "Camp Blood" and escape Jason? You will soon find out!


How To Play
For the proper effect of the game,
Play with the LIGHTS DOWN and the AUDIO UP.

-----------HOW TO INSTALL-------------------
- Downlaod ZIP file from link above
- Save to your computer
- Run EXE.
- (EXE. file and DATA file must be together)

----------HOW TO PLAY HINTS-----------------
- Explore the camp and collect the highlighted items.
- Those items are used to gain access to locked areas. (Rooms, Cabins)
- The game play is based around the "Slender" series.
- Avoiding Jason is the key to survival.
- Getting trapped by him or even looking at him too long will cause your
 fear meter to go up, and you will lose the game.
- You're safest inside cabins and away from windows.
- The crowbar and pitchfork are used ONLY to break down doors or boards.
This game is intended to be completely non-profit and free to all users.
Please do not attempt to sell or redistribute this game without the written
permission of JC POWELL.

Hope you enjoy the game. If you have questions or comments email me at

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