The Original Scripted First Encounter Of Abel In Friday The 13th Part 3

Lets face it, Friday The 13th fans love Abel, even though he was throw in nod to Crazy Ralph to serve as a Prophet Of Doom. With that being said, Friday The 13th Part 3 is an interesting study of how script updates can change the overall impact of a character like Abel in a film. We have already documented that Abel was in fact suppose to appear in three separate scenes throughout Part 3, but eventually he would only appear once in his encounter with the the kids going to Higgins Haven.

The original script for the film had that first encounter between the characters go down in a much different fashion. Instead of Abel lying in the road and Chris's van having to come to an abrupt stop, Abel was a hitchhiker! What's this you say? Well, read on for the excerpt from the original script to find out more about the originally conceived encounter with Abel.

From The Original Friday The 13th Part 3 Script


              The sun pours in through the windshield.  Debbie shades her
              eyes to get a better look at the figure up ahead.

                        Would you look at that!  I've
                        never seen a senior citizen
                        hitchhiker before.

              The others in the back come forward to look.

                        Let's give the poor old guy a
                        break.  Pick 'im up.

              Shelly reacts very emotionally to the suggestion.

                        That scarecrow?  Can't you tell
                        how weird his is just by looking
                        at him.

                        Come on, Shelly.  Who else is
                        gonna give him a lift?

                        Not us!  He's really creepy.

              The van is now upon the aged hitchhiker.  He flashes a smile
              at them:  plaintive, shy, and yet somehow ominous.

                        He looks just like my grandfather,
                        man.  Let's give him a ride.

              EXT. HIGHWAY - MORNING

              The van screeches to a halt and backs up to Abel.  The side
              door slides open and Abel is lifted into the back.

              The van pulls away.

                                                       CUT TO:

              INT. VAN - MORNING

              Abel settles into the back next to Shelly who studies the old
              traveller with both curiosity and trepidation.

              Chris adjusts her rearview mirror to include Abel.

              Abel nods "hello" to one and all.  They nod back.

                               (in an eloquent
                                soothing voice)
                        You are, all of you, very kind and
                        generous young people to lend a
                        helping hand to a tired, old man.
                        Thank you very much.  Perhaps I
                        can repay the kindness.

              The civilized speaking-manner of the shabby-looking stranger
              calms the layer of fear that any might have had.

                        My name is Abel.  And I am my
                        brother's keeper.

                        Where are you going?

                        Going?  How do you mean?

                        I mean, is there any place in
                        particular where we can drop you

                        Drop me off?  How do you mean?

              Shelly's suspicions return and he glances from Vera to Debbie
              and Andy.  Andy shrugs his shoulders.

              Abel reaches into his dusty dufflebag and pulls out a very
              small bundle wrapped in a scrap of cloth.

              Chris watches via the rearview mirror.  Her expression is

              Abel unwraps the object and places it in front of Shelly's

                        Look what His Grace has brought me.

              Shelly looks down at a the small, slimy, white oblong thing.

                        What is that?

                        I found this today.  There were
                        other pieces of the body lying
                        there, but I believe "he" wanted
                        me to have this...

                        That's an eyeball!  Oh, God!

                        "He" wanted me to warn you.
                        Look at this, all of you!

              He holds the eyeball out for each to view.  They shrink back
              away from him, cringing at the sight.

              The eyeball is reflected in the rearview mirror.  Chris is
              becoming quite upset.

                        See with your own eyes what I have
                        seen.  Runaway!  Go back to where
                        you came from... Now!!!

                                                       CUT TO:

              EXT. HIGHWAY - MORNING

              The van comes to an abrupt stop.  The side door opens and the
              old man is practically tossed out.

              On the ground, Abel yells after the van as it speeds away.

                        I warned you!
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