Guests And Contest Info Announced For Warner Bros. Friday The 13th Screening

Lats month we had reported on a big theatrical screening event to commemorate the release of the B;u-Ray box set by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The studio has partnered up with and Street Food Cinema to bring fans a fun filled night of trivia, contests and a mini marathon of the first four Friday The 13th films!

At the time of the announcement, we did not know which guests would be in attendance or what the contests would be. Now, Bloody Disgusting has announced the festivities and the lowdown on the event is below.

From Bloody-Disgusting
Our Friday The 13th mini-marathon happens tomorrow at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. With Part 3 being screened in 3D (red and blue anaglyph) and Mark Swift (co-writer of Freddy Vs. Jason and Friday The 13th 2009) and Todd Farmer (writer of Jason X, Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D) onhand to help me intro the films it was already going to be special. But now we can also confirm that Robbi Morgan (pictured above – her “Annie” is the non-prologue kill in the franchise) will also be there for a short Q&A. We’re also working on ANOTHER guest (hint – he’s a director), but you’ll just have to come on down to find out about that.

The whole thing starts at 5PM – there will be a little bit of a street scene outside the theater and you’re welcome to come dressed as your favorite franchise character. There will be food trucks, prizes for costumes and trivia. The FIRST FILM will start at 730 PM and we’ll keep going until we’re done. The whole thing is only $13 (you can buy the tickets here)!

Again, there are CASH PRIZES of $500, $300 and $100. The cash prizes are for the Costume Contest. Come down by 5PM dressed as your favorite F13 character. The three best costumes will win – with the grand prize winner getting $500 and so on. Don’t have a costume? No problem! We’re giving away 13 BLU-RAY BOXED SETS of “Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection” as well as 13 MEALS from the Food Trucks outside! These prizes are for our Trivia and Scream Contests (these also start at 5PM).

And here is the rest of the information for the event.......

The event will be happening at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, California on Friday September 13th, starting at 5:00 PM.

5:00 PM: Join us for crazed costume, trivia and scream contests for cash prizes and DVDs.
7:30 PM: Rediscover the seminal horror series (one of film history’s longest) on the big screen with its first four installments.


1980, Paramount, 95 min. Dir. Sean S. Cunningham. The bloody franchise begins at Crystal Lake, where summer camp counselors are picked off by a mysterious killer. Keep your eyes peeled for Kevin Bacon in a small role.

1981, Paramount, 87 min. Dir. Steve Miner. A survivor from the first film and a fresh crew of counselors fall victim to the lethal Jason Voorhees.

1982, Paramount, 95 min. Dir. Steve Miner. Jason is back in one of the series’ scariest installments - and he’s picked up a hockey mask.

1984, Paramount, 91 min. Dir. Joseph Zito. The previous film put Jason in the morgue, but he’s not quite dead, and slashes his way back to Crystal Lake. Can Corey Feldman stop him?

Special Ticket Prices: $13 General Admission and $10 American Cinematheque Members.
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