We have seen our fair share of fan creations over the years and some of have been very, very creative. Although every fan's creation is important in keeping the Friday The 13th film franchise at the forefront of movie fan's hearts and minds, there are just some projects that completely stand out. What we're about to show you is truly inspiring, and if some time and money could be put into this project as a legitimate online game or mobile app, fans would flock to purchase it! Warner Bros, please take notice.

Over at Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors, the HACKTIVISION team (comprised of artist Frank Browning, musician Sean O’Connor and Dr. Jimmy TERROR himself, with help from John Squires) has created one of the most inventive in-depth pseudo 8-bit Friday The 13th games ever witnessed. Not only did they create a full trailer for the game, which outlines that you can play at some point in every Friday The 13th game, and the television series, but the Hactivision team also created a full players manual to accompany the game!

This is a truly inspiring project made for fans by the fans. We're not going to post all of the materials here as you must visit the Dr. Terror blog to witness all of the materials. We will leave you with the trailer to watch and some assortment of marketing materials and that awesome player manual to witness. Enjoy and big kudos to the Hactivision team for this Friday The 13th gift!

Portions Of Owner Manual