Almost Human F/X Great Candidate For Friday The 13th Sequel Effects

This writer is a huge fan of Robert Hall and his Almost Human FX company. The company has recently been responsible for some of the most gory and reprehensible effects displayed in horror movies in recent memory. That is a very good thing. Their work on the MTV series Teen Wolf is spectacular, as well the U.S. remake of the French film Rec, titled Quarantine. However, some of their best effects is highlighted in the film Laid To Rest! Because of all of their excellent work, I thought Mr. Hall and his company's involvement in Friday the 13th to be an intriguing topic.

First off, if you do not know what the film Laid To Rest is, you are indeed missing out on a cult classic. The 2009 film showcases some of the most detailed and gruesome special effects ever put on film. When the new Friday the 13th film goes into production, Almost Human FX should be considered one of the top candidates to handle the effects work for Jason Voorhees and his newest victims.

There is another reason that Robert Hall and his Almost Human should be considered.... they already have a casting for the hockey mask! During a tour of Almost Human studios by Dread Central back in 2009, Mr. Hall pulled out a raw casting of a hockey mask from a shelving unit. The mask looks to be from Jason Lives and could be ready to go if needed for a film.

Perhaps Mr. Hall is tempting fate? As mentioned before, if you haven't seen Laid To Rest, it is highly recommended. Keep an eye out for more work from Almost Human FX in the future and lets see if they will indeed enter the realm of Friday the 13th!

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