Props: Friday The 13th Part 7 Screen Used Butcher Knife

There are many weapons used by Jason Voorhees to dispatch of his victims in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood. One of the more simple instruments he used was a butcher knife to kill David in the kitchen of the party house next door to Tina Shepard. There were number of prop knives created for the production, including rubber and retractable knives. One retractable knife from The New Blood was actually used in a number of film productions, according to it's owner (Deadmess) over a

The retractable knife originally came from Batia Grafka who was the property manager for The New Blood and the knife was eventually passed on to the Halloween 4 prop master.

A picture of the knife is below in a display. It would be so much fun to own these screen used props. Which item from the franchise would like to own for your collection?

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