NECA Nintendo Jason Contest Entries: The Image Submissions

We promised that we would show off some of the awesome contest entries that fans have been submitting for the opportunity to win a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Nintendo Jason Voorhees figure, and to start we are going to show a select bunch of the image submissions (one of which was withdrawn for another entry). This is nowhere near the whole lot of images submissions we received, but just a group chosen to show our readers what the fans cooked up for the contest! There are also a number of great video submissions sent in by our readers and the fans and those will posted later on today or tomorrow.

There is still time to enter the contest as the deadline is 11:59 PM tonight. If you're still interested in participating, please check out our Contest Announcement for details. Well, enough with the wait, please take a look at some of the entries below and let us know what you think!

Check Out Some Of The Video Submissions