Friday The 13th 2009 Jason Voorhees Costume Sold For Large Sum

Last week our website wrote about the huge Profiles In History auction taking place Sunday July 28th and Monday July 29th for which a number of iconic film props were being made available. Everything from Sound Of Music, to Indiana Jones, and even Nightmare Before Christmas have been up for grabs the last two days, but our readers are probably curious about the Friday The 13th items that have been sold. Well, we now know about one item set that has been sold and it was a large amount of money.

According to the Profiles In History Twitter account, the Jason Voorhees costume that Derek Mears wore in Friday The 13th 2009 was auctioned earlier today for a whopping $8,500! The costume consists of one quilted, layered and shredded jacket, one soiled t-shirt, and one heavily distressed pair of work pants. These were all worn during production of the film and now one happy collector has added it to their collection.

We'll continue to monitor the auction and bring more sales to you when they happen! If you had a chance to own one thing of any of the Friday The 13th films, which would it be?
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