Fangoria Magazine And Friday the 13th: Issue # 36

Continuing our look at the relationship of Fangoria Magazine and the Friday the 13th film franchise, today we examine issue #36 with Tom Savini. The magazine offers some intriguing insight into the special effects created by Tom Savini for Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and the circumstances of his return.

Inside the issue, the Savini article provides some very famous images behind the scenes of the production, which include the Jason dummy used for the finale. Also, Bruce Mahler shows off his effects dummy for the ill-fated coroner 'Axel' along with other crew and effects shots. Savini is also asked in the article how he came back to the franchise. Tom gave some very candid answers as to why he was asked back.

The story he tells is old news to some now, but Savini explains that he was in pre-production on Days of The Dead when Director Joesph Zito asked if could come help out with effects on The Final Chapter. Once on set, he finally realized that Greg Cannom had been the first choice to supervise effects on the film. Creative differences caused Cannom to leave the project, which centered around his inability to change the look of Jason once Joseph Zito was brought onto the film.

There is also a neat little Body count list at the end of the article where they list out the kills even before the movie was released in theaters. We guarantee that would never happen for today's films!