Custom Horror Figures Reveals Jason Part 3D 1/6 Figure

Beto Matali is well known in custom figure circles as one of the most detailed artists in the hobby and his talent is utilized to bring many Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy characters to life. Recently, he finally created a Facebook Page, titled Custom Horror Figures, for his fans to track his newest projects and not surprisingly, he has now created what might be the ultimate custom 1/6 scale Friday The 13th Part 3 Jason Voorhees figure.

Typically, to have a realistic and screen accurate Jason figure, the sculpting detail in the face of the character and the hockey mask itself must be perfect. The clothing detail must also be in line with the facial features to really sell the overall piece. However, Beto and his partner Lu Santos have gone above and beyond with their latest creation and have even taken it upon themselves to create screen accurate weapons that Jason used in Higgin's Haven to dispatch of the carefree teens.

Below are a plethora of images showing off this highly detailed custom figure. If you like what you see and are a collector wanting a defninitive Jason Voorhees for your shelf, then visit Custom Horror Figures' Facebook Page today. Let us know what you think of this masterpiece!

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