References From 2009 Film Pay Homage To Classic Friday The 13th

Platinum Dunes Producers talked at great length in interviews in the months leading up to the release of Friday The 13th 2009 about how the film would be an homage to the original four films released by Paramount Pictures in the early 1980's. This would be accomplished by using key elements and plot points from those films. This kind of talk is what pushed anticipation for the newest film in the franchise to a fever pitch with die hard fans and is what may have ultimately aided in some of the negative reaction due to such large expectations.

Below, we have created a list of certain elements of the 2009 film that references the earlier entries in the series. Most of the key elements have been listed here, and hopefully show the care taken to incorporate a classic Friday The 13th feel into a modern Jason Voorhees film. That being said, is there is any other homages that we missed? Please list anything we missed in the comments below!

- Mrs. Voorhees is beheaded by a counselor on the shore of Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th 1980)
- The legend of Camp Crystal Lake is told around a camp fire (Friday the 13th Part 2)

- Whitney and Mike stumble upon Jason’s old shack (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Mike finds Mrs. Voorhees’ decomposed head (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Jason hides his face by wearing a sack over his head (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- A brother, Clay, losing his sister to Jason, goes to Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Rob))

- Friends arrive at a summer house to party (Friday The 13th Part 3, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)
- Jason finds his hockey mask (Friday the 13th Part 3)
- A curious cop is killed by Jason (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Jason crashing through a window, grabbing hold of Clay (Friday the 13th Part 2)

- A wheelchair abandoned in Jason’s tunnel (Friday the 13th Part 2 (Mark))
- Whitney, the ‘final girl,’ uses Jason's love of his mother in order to confuse him (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Jason jumps out of the lake and attacks Whitney and Clay (Friday the 13th 1980, Friday The 13th Part 3)