Kane Hodder Hunted By Killer, Directed By Dukes Of Hazzard Actor!

How's that for a "title you never thought you would see for a story". Yes, it's true. Kane Hodder will be playing himself in a new Horror film where the tables are turned and he (the former Jason Voorhees) and other genre vets are stalked by a killer in a film titled Smothered. Turnabout is fair play don't you think? Who better to direct this mash-up than one of the Dukes Of Hazzard?! No, it's not the guy who played Boss Hog, but John Schneider, the blonde Bo Duke from the show who also starred in the long running WB show Smallville.

Here's what Shock Till You Drop found out about the film.

We're told the film finds Hodder, (Bill)Moseley and (Roddy)Piper playing themselves.

Best known for their on-screen roles, they work the convention circuit making a few bucks signing autographs until they take a gig haunting a trailer park.  Ultimately, they wind up being hunted by a maniac.

This sounds pretty cool and we will keep an eye on this and let everyone know more as the production progresses.