Jason Voorhees Infected As 'Jason Outbreak' 1/6 Scale Figure

There is a huge amount of very talented artists that are part of the Horror and Friday The 13th community and as such they produce some of the most interesting and detailed custom figures fans will ever see of Jason Voorhees! The 1/6 scale custom figure is definitely all the rage right now among customizers. So much so, that only a certain few versions of Jason from the films have been made and recycled over the past few years. Our website likes to track down unique projects for our readers to see and we have something pretty special to show everyone.

8BC Custom Werks has been working on his version of Jason Voorhees that offers a nice little twist for figure collectors. Capitalizing on the zombie craze felt by fans throughout Hollywood productions, 8BC offers the question, what if Jason became an infected zombie? That's right, we're not talking about the Jason brought back to life by a lightning bolt in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, but a living human that was turned into a zombie. We imagine that Jason would not only try to catch you just for the kill, but he might want to snack on you as well!

Check out come amazing photos of the project titled JASON OUTBREAK below. If you want to see more of 8BC Custom Werks' projects, visit their Facebook Page. Let us know what you think about this beginning of a figure. Would you like to own it and could this premise work in a movie?