Jason Voorhees Immortalized In Session 70 Bear

We continue to be amazed by the "killer" projects we come across on a daily basis created by talented fans who have a passion for Horror films. The ability to take a simple idea and combine that with a passion for the genre as well as creative talent can give birth to a truly unique concept and in today's featured Fan Creation, Jason Voorhees has now been converted to a truly lethal teddy bear! Crazy? Perhaps, but Jason is a little off his rocker after all.

Artist Lee Howard is a self taught artist, who’s specializes in portraiture painting, horror and pop culture art, as well as being the creator of the Quiet Room Bears. His Quiet Room Bears series has become a huge cult hit online and now his 70th entry into the line of killer teddy bears is almost ready to be unveiled. His Jason Voorhees inspired bear, simply titled Session 70, looks to be a bear with some issues as you can see from the pic below as he seems to have a knack for carrying things around in a burlap sack.

Session 70 looks to be going on sale this weekend, so keep track of this unique Jason Voorhees collectible by visiting quietroombears.com or following the teddy bear line on Facebook.

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