Freddy vs Jason Star Experiences 'Torment' in Home Invasion

Home invasion films are not going anywhere soon, and after a small lull in the sub-genre, it seems as though audiences are in for a full on onslaught of home intruders in cinemas within the next year and beyond. As such, Variety has just reported that Freddy vs Jason star Katherine Isabelle (Gib) will star in the latest home invasion thriller titled Torment. The sales art and synopsis below are courtesy Shock Till You Drop.

Written by Michael Foster, the film concerns Cory Morgan, his wife and their 3 year old daughter Emily who decide to spend a quiet family holiday alone. When Sarah starts seeing strange things around the house, it soon becomes clear that they have some unwanted guests.

Now the family are forced to fight for their lives in what has become a festival of terror of epic proportions.

Source: Variety