Film Props: Chuck Shirt From Friday The 13th Part 3

The shirt that actor David Katims wore for his character of "Chuck" in Friday The 13th Part 3 is not necessarily a prop in the sense that we are accustomed to seeing in these articles, however, anything screen used from the earlier Paramount films is worth mentioning. This particular item is really pretty rare for being over 30 years old.

This yellow screen worn shirt was kept for a better part of a quarter century by David Katims and then sold to a collector back in February 2009.

According to a letter of authenticity given to Mike Becker, the person who bought the shirt from David a few years back, there was also a purple and green shirt that David wore in a few scenes and that shirt was eventually kept by a wardrobe person from the film. Owning props like Jason's machete or his screen used hockey mask would be the pinnacle of a fan's collection, but owning a rare piece of clothing from such a beloved part of the film series would be equally as impressive!

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