Friday The 13th Ranked In 50 Goriest Movie Moments

The Friday The 13th films are widely known for gory and elaborate death scenes and many adolescents and teens relish in such movie moments. Trying to sift through twelve films and figure out which is the best death scene can be very difficult, but ranking one scene from the franchise among the goriest scenes in film history would be an almost impossible task. Luckily, we did not have to stress over that fact as a new list has been done for us.

Total Film just released their 50 Goriest Moments in film and Friday The 13th made the cut. In fact, Friday The 13th 1980 ranked at 25 in the list with Kevin Bacon's death scene from the film. Personally, this writer knows there were far bloodier and gruesome scenes from the films than Kevin's death, but his scene is definitely one of the more shocking in the franchise.

To see the full Top 50, visit Total Film's List. What do you think about the ranking? What scene from the Friday The 13th franchise do you think should be in the list?