French McDonalds Commercial Shows Jason Run For His Life

What seems to always get lost in the U.S. market is the use of popular Horror icons for mainstream promotion and merchandising with food chains. This writer is not sure if it is the total fear of lawsuits or large costs of licensing character likenesses, but it is an untapped resource that should seriously be explored. European and Asian markets have been using such Horror icons such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kreuger for years in their marketing and next up is the French market for McDonalds.

A few months ago, French ad agency TBWA created a brand new McDonald's commercial for the French viewing market which depicts Jason Voorhees (or at least it is implied) and what seems to be a few victims running for their lives. The question is, who is running from who? Check out the commercial below and find out who really is the victim!