Freddy vs Jason and Jason X: A Seemingly Impossible Bit Of Continuity

By all accounts, JASON X was made to keep the character fresh in the minds of moviegoers while New Line sorted out the difficulties of mounting FREDDY VS. JASON. It's important to note that while the events of JASON X take place long after FREDDY VS. JASON, the film was made years before the battle between the terror titans. Logically, it would seem that anything introduced in JASON X wouldn't need to be carried through to FREDDY VS. JASON because on this backwards chronology. Right?

A show of hands if you'd expect an event in FREDDY VS. JASON to affect JASON X. No takers? There shouldn't be. It would be bizarre for the filmmakers of JASON X to be able to anticipate the content of a film still years away from production. Couldn't happen... right?

During the climatic dock fight between Freddy and Jason, Krueger slices off Jason's fingers in a defensive swipe that turns the tide of the battle. Now, take a look at the capture above. In JASON X, as the titular maniac thaws out on scientist Adrienne's autopsy table, he extends one arm and stretches out his fingers. The film has already established the character's ability to "regrow lost or damaged tissue", presumably including fingers lost in battle to a dream demon. His fingers are intact, but his gloves- last seen in one piece in JASON TAKES MANHATTAN- are still missing the digits.

A miraculous accident? A convergence of creative synergy? Pure chance?

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