The Prop Museum: Whitney Shackles And Jason Voorhees Necklace From Friday The 13th 2009

Another couple of great additions to the Friday The 13th Props Museum, owned by Mario Kirner, are from Friday The 13th 2009 are both the shackles worn by Whitney in Jason's tunnel and that of the necklace that contained a picture of Mrs. Voorhees.

The shackles and locket necklace are screen used by Amanda Righetti as Whitney from Friday The 13th 2009. The shackles are fitted inside with a soft material padding for a better wearing comfort for the actress and were most prominently used when Whitney was held in Jason's underground tunnels. The shackles also feature a spring loaded opening mechanism that would open as soon as the chain is removed from the busing.

The original necklace with Mrs. Voorhees' picture is still present. There were a hand full of necklaces made for different purposes throughout the film. This exact one was screen used during the underwater scenes toward the end of the film. It`s made from resin so it would not sink too fast.

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