The Props Museum: Barn Ending Chain Used To Hang Jason Voorhees

Another new addition to the Friday The 13th Props Museum, owned by Mario Kirner, is from Friday The 13th 2009 and is the chain that is wrapped around Jason's neck in the exciting conclusion of the film. The chain first hung Jason from the rafters of the barn and then later pulled the psychotic killer's head into the wood chipper.

The chain entered into the museum is one of three versions used to "hang" Jason at the climax in the barn. There were metal, plastic and rubber versions used. The prop chain pictured below is the rubber chain used for safety reasons. Derek Mears was rigged with a harness that would carry him when he hung down from the beam in the barn and the rubber chain was hung around his neck without any real practical function outside of appearance for the film.

Original Prop Chain Worn By Derek Mears

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