Enter Our New Friday The 13th Forum, Fanatics!

We have had a great two years with our previous Forum and the members that signed up to discuss our favorite franchise. So, it was a long and hard decision to decide and switch Forum software and start a new, but I think it was necessary as quite frankly, we had outgrown the simplistic forum we used previously. Also, the old Forum was beginning to experience a lot of problems and sort of forced this move. Hence we have created a much richer Forum and Community experience with our new Forum The Friday The 13th Fanatics! The Fanatics Forum is a natural extension of www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com and will hopefully be a great new addition to our website!

JOIN THE FORUM TODAY: www.fridaythe13thfanatics.com

The new forum is robust with new features which now include the ability to send PM messages and not just emails, a built in Chat utilizing Forum member usernames, and the coolest feature that is a new point system that can be used to shop for Friday The 13th items!

Unfortunately, this new change means all previous topics in our old Forum have been lost and you will have to sign up again with your username to begin posting again. I know it is a pain, but I really believe this will be better for the website and our community that has grown pretty big as of late. If you have any questions, please let me know.

As the next few days progress, we will add a few mods and some other features as well. Thanks to everyone for supporting our website and hopefully, now, our new forum!

One of the more exciting and fun additions to the new Forum is the beginning of our new points system which allows our members to accumulate points when participating in Forum discussions. Points can then be used to purchase various items in our Forum Shop. Items up for sale will range from digital downloads to physical items pertaining to the Friday The 13th film franchise.

Points are accumulated when creating new topics and fan polls as well as participating in existing discussions. When an item is purchased in the Shop, the Forum Admin is contacted via a PM and that person will disburse the prize to the purchasing member via PM communication.

Your point total can be found underneath your avatar image while in Forum threads or by visiting our Forum Store.

If you have any questions, please let me know!
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