CONTEST WINNER: NECA Series 2 Jason Voorhees Figure

Our latest contest ended this past Sunday with a large number of entries submitted for a chance to win one NECA Series 2 Jason Voorhees Figure from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. We are happy to say that we received just over 350 entries which made for a very interactive and fun competitive experience. With that being said, we have chosen a winner!

Congratulations to Shel Parsons as he was randomly chosen to receive the new NECA figure! Below is his entry for which we asked what fans' favorite scenes in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter are.

Hrm... this is a tough one - as there are SO many great moments in Final Chapter. However, one of my favourite scenes/sequences would have to be the final showdown between Trish, Tommy and Jason. Sure, we've seen "survivor girl" in action in previous Fridays, and we've certainly seen it in those that followed.

However, there's just so much intensity in this one, that it's a real standout. And, unlike in later Fridays, where fans were just as likely to cheer on Jason as they were the survivors, we were genuinely afraid for Trish and Tommy. And, in turn, we (or at least I was, back in the day) were rooting for them to best Jason once and for all. And best him they do... complete with a violently gory Savini-designed death.

Great stuff, in what is undoubtedly the darkest/angriest of the Friday franchise... to date.

Shel has been contacted and will receive his prize when we hear back from him. Thank you for everyone's participation and we look forward to offering a new contest in the near future.