The Props Museum: Friday The 13th 2009 Storyboards Show Crucial Illustrated Scenes

Friday The 13th 2009 had many exciting and interesting ideas that were created by the writers and director and had to have those ideas created visually on paper in order to organize how to shoot the necessary scenes that would bring Jason back to life once again.

Storyboards are drawn to accomplish that very task. Having visual representations of written scenes and ideas are crucial to the Director and film crew in setting shots for creating the scenes for the film. Mario Kirner from the Friday the 13th Props Museum was nice enough to share with us some of the set used storyboards from the newest Friday the 13th production.

Below, is a compilation of a few of the storyboards versus the actual scenes of the film. The story boards were drawn by artist Mark Yates (Read His Interview) using a ball point pen, which is very unusual. Most of story boards have handwritten information regarding the scenes they depict and some also feature cut out clippings of the actual movie script reading the text and scenes description! Most of the boards also have colored (blue, yellow and red) stickers attached to them for some unknown production reason as well as handwritten scene numbers. The paper the boards were drawn on show heavy tear coming from production usage. There are even finger prints of stained movie blood that can be found on some of the story boards!

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