Friday The 13th 2009 Starlet Is A Bad Samaritan

Friday The 13th 2009 starlet Julianna Guill (Bree) has been very busy since her turn as a sexy vixen in the latest Jason Voorhees film and today some more entertainment news hit that will showcase her onscreen talents. A press release via Deadline mentions that five episodes of her new show Bad Samaritans will debut on Netflix on March 31st and all episodes will be available to watch at the same time.

From The Press Release
“Bad Samaritans” was produced by Walt Becker, director of “Van Wilder” and “Wild Hogs,” and creator of TBS’s “Glory Daze” in partnership with Fox Digital Studio specifically for digital distribution.  The ensemble cast includes Julianna Guill (“Friday the 13th”), Brian Kubach (“Piranha”), Tommy Snider (“Cartoon Cartoon Fridays”), Alice Hunter (“Girlhouse”), Robert LaSardo (“Nip/Tuck”), and David Faustino (“Married with Children”). The show also includes guest starring roles by Andy Dick (“NewsRadio”), Brian Huskey (“Veep”), Matt Bush (“Glory Daze”), and Armin Shimerman (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). The series tells the story of a young couple who accidentally starts a forest fire as they’re breaking up and gets sentenced to 2000 hours of community service. Each episode takes place at a different assignment that they have to complete alongside a cast of eccentric parolees. Following the trend of previous Fox Digital shows, all five episodes in the first season will be made available simultaneously.

Source: Deadline