Friday The 13th Screening This September!

The first of two Friday The 13th dates in 2013 does not take place until September, but already plans are being made by organizations to celebrate our favorite day of the year! Just announced yesterday via their Facebook Page, FantaCon will be holding a very special Friday The 13th celebration for the prologue to their convention that takes place the weekend of September 14-15.

Friday The 13th fans that reside in or near Albany, New York will have the opportunity to not only view the original slasher classic on the big screen, but see original Jason Voorhees Ari Lehman in concert playing with his band First Jason! Read on for the details

FantaCon Presents the Friday the 13th Celebration at the Palace Theatre.

Friday September 13 at 7:30 PM

The very first Friday the 13th film made A LOT of money for producer/director Sean S. Cunningham. The film cost less than $700,000 to produce and went on to make over $40,000,000!

It was the first film of its kind to be distributed by a major studio (Paramount).
Starring Kevin Beacon, Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King and Ari Lehman as the first Jason Voorhees. The original "Boy In The Lake”, Ari played a crucial role in the film's famous final scene, emerging from the icy waters of Crystal Lake to set in motion one of Hollywood’s most infamous horror legacies.

That one role has taken on a life of its own, catapulting Lehman into an elite echelon of horror icon that few can surpass, featured in hundreds of major media outlets including: E!, Entertainment Weekly, Blender Magazine, Chicago Reader, The Chicago-Sun Times, Fangoria Radio, and local and regional publications from coast to coast and beyond.
The film is also known for its shockingly brutal special effects, which were supplied by effects wizard Tom Savini. The original music by Harry Manfredini has been copied and parodied thousands of times.

The evening will begin with the big screen showing of the original 1980 Friday the 13th film introduced by Ari Lehman.

The screening will be followed by a VERY SPECIAL live concert!
The scourge of Camp Crystal Lake lives on in the horror-punk-metal stylings of Lehman’s musical extension, FIRST JASON, where Ari wields his trademark “Keychete”, bashing out horror-punk anthems with titles like “Jason is Watching”, “Jason Never Dies”, and “The Machete is My Friend”.