Fangoria Magazine And Friday The 13th: Issue #62, The Lost F/X Of Jason Lives

The Friday The 13th films are no stranger to censorship and the wrath of the MPAA, which is why so many fans clamor for Unrated cuts of the films that will finally show what the filmmakers truly intended for their slash-a-thons. Back in 1987, Fangoria Magazine Issue #62 tackled this very topic, pertaining to Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, which was released in theaters the previous year. Fango writer Marc Shapiro discussed the censorship process with Mechanical Effects coordinator Jim Gill and Makeup Effects coordinator Christopher Swift and how the MPAA ultimately effected the outcome of the finished film.

In the article that is posted in images below, Gill and Swift talk about the pre-production process that included Executive Producer Frank Mancuso Jr. and how some of the originally intended death scenes were already being altered or removed before filming even began due to the knowledge that the MPAA was going to make them cut it at first glance.

There are also some fun little tidbits in the article such as the mention of seven more Friday The 13th films to get the franchise to 13 and the hope that an "X-Rated" cut of Jason Lives would make it to Videocassette! Read below to find out more about what was cut from Jason Lives as these old Fangoria issues and articles are gold for hardcore fans of the franchise!