Freddy vs Jason Reunion Brewing This March

It's a funny situation with Freddy vs Jason. There was so much hype and anticipation with the film from the time it was announced that it was finally going into production until it was released in theaters, that it is surprising to see many fans have all but forgotten it. We don't see anywhere near the conversations about the Freddy and Jason team up compared to other films in the franchise, which is a shame. So it was great to see some fun news posted tonight pertaining to Freddy vs Jason.

The Monster Mania Convention, taking place March 8-10 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, announced on their Facebook page that three Freddy vs Jason actors will be attending their March show. Zack Ward (Bobby David), Brendan Fletcher (Mark Davis), and Kyle Labine (Bill Freeburg) are on board to talk to fans about not only the aforementioned film, but also some pretty cool Horror genre fare as well as a holiday classic, A Christmas Story!

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