Derek Mears Talks 'Bridge Goon' With Next Movie

It is pretty well known that Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th 2009) is quite frankly a very funny guy. In fact, he still does comedy improv at Comedy Sportz in L.A on a consistent basis during the weekend. To fit his persona, Derek seems to be game for some very unusual interviews and on-camera appearances.

That leads us to Derek's Q&A with website Next Movie that was posted this past Friday. We have seen some crazy interviews before (Check out this interview with Marvel's Stan Lee), but there interview is just as quirky.

Next Movie discussed Derek's role in the new film Gangster Squad and well, it is quite strange, but funny as well.

From Next Movie

(NM) Had you had much experience gooning prior to your stint as Bridge Goon in "Gangster Squad"?

Yes, I've made an acting career out of it.

(NM) Had you spent much time hanging out under bridges?

Are you asking me if I sell drugs? I do not.

(NM) Who are some of the all-time great screen goons you looked to for inspiration?
Gonna have to say "The Goonies." 

This isn't a normal interview, is it?

(NM) Of course it is. You've played Jason Voorhees, Mosh Tendrils ("Men in Black II"), Large Henchman ("MacGruber") and Little Ed on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class." Where does the role of Bridge Goon rank among your career accomplishments?

Most recent?

(NM) What does Ryan Gosling smell like?


For the whole interview,  make sure to visit Next Movie.
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