Freddy Vs Jason Winner Ken Kirzinger Nashville Bound in March

We all know who the real winner was in Freddy vs Jason, but since New Line Cinema distributed the film and Freddy was their baby, they had to at least leave some doubt in the minds of the fans that Freddy may have survived. Well, perhaps the man that played Jason Voorhees for most of the film can lend his two cents on that subject and scores of others for fans of the film as it was announced Ken Kirzinger was just announced that he will be attending a March 2013 convention in Nashville.

Ken will be joining fellow Jason actor Steve Dash at the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival March 29-31, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information on the event and location of the convention center where the show will be taking place, please visit their website at

Source: Full Moon Inc. Facebook