Hannah Montana Star Meets Jason Voorhees In Old 37

Seems like an extremely odd pairing, doesn't? Too bad Jason Voorhees himself couldn't slice and dice the make-believe teen pop idol sensation from a few years ago when she was still gracing lunch pales and back packs. Well, the Jason character may not get his shot at Hannah Montana, but the actor that portrayed him in many films, Kane Hodder, looks to get a crack at least one of the stars of the teen show.

Kane will star opposite genre vet Bill Mosely (Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2) in Old 37, a new Horror film which co-stars Brandi Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame. The plot of the film is broken down below, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop.

About 'Old 37'
The film is described as a psychological slasher about two brothers posing as paramedics who intercept 911 calls in a retired old ambulance.  Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley will appear as twisted brothers working together to exact revenge on careless teen drivers who may be responsible for their mother's hit and run death. 

Look for more info on this interesting pic in the near future as it is starting to film now!

Source: Shock Till You Drop