Friday The 13th 1980 Ranked In Top 50 Jump Scares Of All Time

The Friday The 13th films are well known for their jump scare endings as they became a staple of the franchise, especially the original set of films that ran in the early 1980's. All these years later, the original Friday The 13th film still holds the most effective jump scare out of any of the other films and as such is widely acclaimed for the scene's execution. There have been many scary movies released since 1980 with much scarier scenes than what Jason Voorhees offered up to audiences at that time. Now, Friday The 13th has made the Top 50 list of best Jump Scares.

Total Film has ranked the Mrs. Voorhees slasher at #35 on their list, surprisingly behind the original A Nightmare On Elm Street film. This writer feels that a young Jason Voorhees jumping out of the water to grab Alice Hardy was much more effective than Freddy grabbing Mrs. Thompson through the front door's window. It is very fitting that ranked number three on the list is Carrie, from which the inspiration was given for Friday The 13th 1980's shocking ending.

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