Winner Chosen: The Final Chapter Hock Contest

We had a huge week last week on this website with out visitor numbers going through the roof, and in anticipation of our record number of page views, we wanted to give something back to the fans. To do so, we started one of our two big contests last Wednesday and that first contest was for a chance to win one Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter replica Jason Voorhees hockey mask from! To enter, all our visitors had to do was mention their favorite moment from The Final Chapter in the comments section of the contest announcement. We had a great response with some entertaining and descriptive explanations of favorite scenes.

The contest ended Sunday July 15, 2012 and now we have selected the winner of the contest and it is "100yellow". The winner will be contacted via email and will have 72 hours to respond else a new winner will be chosen. "100yellow" was randomly chosen and below is their comment on what their favorite moment from The Final Chapter was.

My favorite scene is Rob's death, without question. The sheer brutality Jason shows in hacking away at Rob is the most vicious death in the F13 series. While most of Jason's kills get neutered to remove the impact shot or repeated stabs/chops/swings of a sleeping bag, here we see Jason's rage on full display as his arm comes down again and again and again. Certainly not the goriest kill in the franchise, but it's the one that still gives me the chills after all these years... 

Thank you to everyone who participated and look forward to more contests in the future!