Tom Savini To Direct Dead People Once Again

The last time Tom Savini directed a zombie flick, it was his 1990 remake of George Romero's ground breaking zombie film Night Of The Living Dead. Savini gained high praise for his work on that film for which the original tale was colorized with a bit more gore than its predecessor. Since that time, the fan proclaimed father of gore has appeared in a number of films in an acting capacity for which he always play an eccentric and stand out character. Savini even had a cameo as a Sheriff in the Dawn Of The Dead remake a few years ago. Now is the time, it seems, for Tom to jump back into directing zombies.

According to, Anchorbay Entertainment alongside Fangoria Entertainment are working together to produce the remake of Bob Clark's quirky zombie 1972 film Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. The film is reportedly aiming to shoot later this year with Drew Daywalt tapped to script the remake.

About The Film
A group of low-budget filmmakers unwittingly awaken an army of the long-deceased during an occult ritual on a remote island.