Darb Tees Lets Us Know It's 'More Than Just A Machete'

Friday The 13th fans are clamoring for any and all T-shirts that represent the Friday The 13th films and with so many shirts already being released today for Pre-orders, we thought, why not make fans aware of one more design. Darb Tees has created a truly unique shirt depicting numerous weapons used throughout the 32 years the franchise has been in existence. The weapons are arranged in such a way to give us 13, which everybody in the world recognizes as the most unlucky day of the year.

Here's what Darb Tees had to say about their shirt, titled More Than Just a Machete.

From a vengeful mother to a deranged hillbilly, copycat killer to possessed bystander, the surprisingly varied cast of villains throughout our favorite horror franchise have brandished an equally diverse set of killing tools. Collecting every single handheld weapon utilized for dissecting the many victims of summer camp, Manhattan, and outer space, this unique design creates a bold image reflecting the simple-yet-complex nature of these classic slasher films. Plus, it totally looks kick-ass!

Check out their website, darbtees.com, to learn more about their company and visit their Indiego page to find out about this new shirt project. Can the fans pick out all of the instruments below and what film they are from?