Crystal Lake Memories Doc Releases Slew Of New Interview Images

During our Episode 4 Podcast, we interviewed Producer Dan Farrands about the new Friday The 13th film franchise documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary. During the interview we discussed what will be included in the new show and when fans can expect to see the new documentary. The simple fact is that there is so much going into making the definitive show that 2013 is a more realistic period of time for the release. Knowing that, they crew of Crystal Lake Memories are putting there extended time to good use as they have released new images of interviewees on their Facebook Page!

Below you will find images for actors from the franchise that have never been interviewed on camera previously, discussing their experiences on their respective films. It's great to see more people being interviewed from Jason X, but even more fun to witness "Loco" from Friday The 13th Part 3 30 years later!

Kristi Angus (Adrienne, Jason X)

Craig Thomas (Ben, Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood)

Philip Williams (Crutch, Jason X)

Kyle Labine (Freeberg, Freddy vs Jason)

Melyssa Ade (Janessa, Jason X)

Kevin O'Brien (Loco, Friday The 13th Part 3)

Source: Crystal Lake Memories Facebook Page