Friday The 13th Victim Goes Found Footage On Tornado

As studios continue to use the "found footage" angle for any script imaginable, the elusive Friday The 13th sequel may still fall, um, victim to the latest craze in Hollywood. Well, in the mean time, if a sequel to Friday The 13th 2009 cannot be realized, then why not have an actor from that film star in another tense thriller and throw in that fabulous found footage formula. According to Variety, that is exactly what is happening.

Arlen Escarpeta (Lawrence, Friday The 13th 2009) has been cast in the new tornado thriller Category 6. As reported by Variety, the Story is presented through video cameras and cell phones and centers on high schoolers who try to survive a Category 6 tornado -- the worst in U.S. history. It's cool that Arlen continues to get legit gigs as he comes across as a real likable guy in interviews he has conducted in the past.

It should be fun to see what Category 6 can do with footage, but how long can Hollywood hold onto this type of filmmaking before audiences just give up on it altogether?

Source: Variety

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