Friday The 13th Celebration Kicks Off July 1, 2012

We have been building up towards a pretty big milestone for the Friday The 13th film franchise and that is to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Friday The 13th Part 3. The last couple of months have been very big for this website and everything we have been working on is to give the fans something special for the final Friday The 13th of 2012 and to also celebrate that 30th Anniversary of Part 3 in August. So it's time to spill the beans on what the fans and visitors to this website can expect in the coming weeks.

Starting on Sunday, July 1st, we will be dedicating each day to one film in the franchise, starting with Friday the 13th 1980. Our website will be changed to fit the theme of each film for that day and we will have new retrospectives on each film as well as random trivia and quotes posted in our Chat Room, Twitter, Facebook, and Google + Accounts. There will finally be a new Podcast or two or three as well as THREE giveaways! These events will all lead up to Friday July 13th where we will have our Community Screening and Chat For The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan.

Please feel free to spread the word and lets make this a huge event for all Friday The 13th fans to enjoy. To get our visitor's thinking about what all will be taking place, here is a teaser for what to expect....