Corey Feldman To Narrate Crystal Lake Memories Documentary!

We are going to start seeing some fast and furious updates when it comes to the new Friday The 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary. Such is the case tonight as some huge news was dished out by Producer Daniel Farrands via Dread Central. Corey Feldman will not only be participating in the documentary, but he will be handling the narrating task for the entire show. Below is what Dan Farrands had  to say about Corey's involvement.

From Dread Central
"We are thrilled to have Corey as the star of the show," says director Dan Farrands. "His presence truly legitimizes this project as the definitive documentary on the Friday the 13th legacy. The whole team is excited to see this come together to give fans the retrospective that they deserve." If Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is any indication of what's to come, that's exactly what we're going to get."

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