Something Truly Scary Happening At Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Location

There have been many film productions that have used the Topanga Canyon film location that was utilized by Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. The remote cabin property is the ideal place for scary and atmospheric stories to unfold for audiences as the area lends a very real sense of fear from its surroundings. A brand new movie will be taking advantage of these very types of characteristics and is hoping to create a new sense of fear in the audiences.

Scare Tactics is a new Horror film by Writer and Director Gregory Blair that finds a film writer named Grafton Torn (cool horror name) trying to get some rest and relaxation at a remote cabin when strange things start to happen. The owners of the shooting property, Mike and Frank Kelly, have been lending out their home and land for nearly thirty years now for film productions and this new Horror film will be another in a long line of fun attractions they have hosted.

From The Press Release
The Kellys bought the land in the seventies and Frank built the log house that will be used in the film.  He also built a barn that holds a large collection of vintage furnishings that he has gathered over the years.  The barn will also be featured in a few scenes.

The Kellys say their entry into the film business happened accidentally in 1984 when a film crew for “Friday the 13th, Part IV” found their place when looking for property with a log cabin.  And they’ve been allowing films to shoot on occasion ever since, though less and less as they have gotten older.

Read more at the Full Press Release as filming at the famous Topanga Canyon location begins later in 2012. For more on Scare Tactics, make sure to visit the Film Website and watch the teaser trailer below. Big thanks to Dan Peters for the heads-up on this news!