Friday The 13th Part 2 Hits The Big Screen 4.13.2012

There has been a plethora of screenings announced for various films in the Friday The 13th film franchise lately, and why not April 13th brings us the second of three Friday The 13th dates in 2012. Our Events Page has listed out all of the theater screenings that we have been made aware of to this point and now we have been informed of another great theater viewing opportunity. Friday The13th Part 2 fans now have an opportunity to see hillbilly Jason on the big screen, and this time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont will be showing Part 2 at 9:15PM Friday night. For more information, please visit the theater's website as well as their Facebook page. If you live in the area get out Friday and have fun watching Ginny and Paul discover Mrs. Voorhees shrine!

Hollywood Theater Website
Hollywood Theater Facebook