Friday The 13th: The Obsession Final Episode Date Revealed

Friday The 13th fans have been patiently awaiting the final episode of Timber Wolf West's web series Friday The 13th: The Obsession. The journey started back in October of 2011 (Halloween to be exact) and has introduced an obsessed fan, Amy Marcus, and her fall into jealousy and the persona of Jason Voorhees. The last episode, Episode 6, went live online way back on January 13th and until now, there has been no concrete date for the Final Episode of the series.

We have great news for everyone as The official Facebook page for the The Obsession has posted a new still from the final episode as well as the air date, Friday April 13th. How fitting it is that the series will end on a Friday The 13th! Will our obsessed fan succeed in her murderous rampage or will she finally be stopped short of completing her mayhem, much like Jason Voorhees himself?

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